Directional Drilling Services

PetroTrack DDS

DDS services help you drill efficiently and drain reservoirs that require complex well trajectories.
Our applications range from heavy oil to tight, unconventional gas and from maintaining vertical control to drilling extended-reach horizontal wellbores.

PetroTrack provide wide range of sizes and specifications of Motors are suitable for all drilling environmental and formations requirements. PetroTrack offers a complete line of high quality motors specifically designed for directional drilling. directional motors are available for both water based and oil based drilling applications

Logging While Drilling Services

PetroTrack LWD

LWD systems and services provide a range of formation evaluation and drilling data that inform critical operational decisions.
Our systems are engineered to deliver reliable measurements in a full spectrum of conditions, including high pressure/high temperature (HP/HT).

LWD systems offer superior formation evaluation data to maximize reservoir value while drilling. LWD sensors deliver wireline quality petrophysical data and address directional drilling, formation evaluation, and geosteering applications.

Measurements While Drilling Services

PetroTrack MWD

MWD measurements that are transmitted from downhole to surface enable you to make reliable wellbore decisions with less NPT. These measurements include directional surveys, natural gamma ray, drilling dynamics, temperature, and annular pressure.
surveying technology to determine the well path and its position in three dimensional space.

We offer fit for purpose solutions for environments ranging from deepwater to unconventional plays. Applications include geometric wellbore placement, reservoir navigation, and drilling optimization.

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full-service directional drilling company aims to demonstrate to the customer a model of integrated, diversified but complementary drilling services aiming at cost and results.